5 Natural Pre-Workout Meals You Need To Try!

February 03, 2017

Natural Pre-Workout

Over the years, we have learned more about how important it is to exercise and eat a balanced diet. With this, we know which foods provide the most benefits to our body. However, there is still one question that causes debate - what foods give us a natural pre-workout meal to fuel our workouts without having to rely on all the stimulants and chemicals found in todays pre-workout supplements? 

Well today, we are going to answer it. Here are the best natural pre-workout meals that will optimize your performance in the gym while making you feel better and more energized throughout your day!

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1. Veggie Omelet 

If you like to go to the gym in the morning, a good and nutrient dense breakfast such as a veggie omelet is essential. Omelettes are packed with high quality protein which is great to build and strengthen muscle. Try to eat your omelet with some carbohydrate dense foods such as whole wheat bread and bananas for optimum energy. If you consume your meal at least one hour before your workout, you will feel better and stronger while you train without having to rely on a chemically packed pre-workout supplement.

Natural Pre-Workout - Veggie Omelet


2. Grilled Chicken 

Who doesn’t love some protein-packed grilled chicken breast? With this meal you’ll be getting just that plus some complex carbs and vitamins from sweet potatoes and broccoli.  You will need a minimum of two hours between the time you eat and your workout, making it the largest meal out of the 5. This is the largest meal out of the 5, but it also provides the best macro and micronutrient profile of the bunch. If you have the time to prepare it, then make sure to do so, you’ll be glad you did.

Natural Pre-Workout - Grilled Chicken

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3. Natural Protein Bars 

If you don’t have the time to wait for a full meal, try a homemade protein bar, which should only take about 30 minutes to kick into effect. Since most manufactured protein bars are actually just as bad as regular candy bars, we recommend making your own using whey protein powder, coconut flour, dried fruit, nuts, and some milk. You can then add some natural sweeteners to improve the bars taste if you choose. This bar is packed with the protein, carbs, and healthy fats you need to improve your performance, while being quick and easy to consume before your workout. Not only does it taste great, but it is also healthy and will boost your most grueling workouts! 

Natural Pre-Workout - Natural Protein Bar 


4. Mocha Protein Shake 

You've probably heard of the first three natural pre-workout options listed, but this one might be somewhat confusing. While the name might be unheard of, the ingredients are by no means new. Ever heard of caffeine? Who hasn’t? It’s the ingredient in your coffee that makes you alert every morning. The majority of people see a boost in energy after some consuming some caffeine, so it’s critical to consume it before working out. In fact, research shows that caffeine allows athletes to train for a longer period of time at an increase level of performance! But rather than relying solely on the caffeine from the mocha, why not add some whey protein powder and see the benefits of that too? Best of all, you can drink this delicious and convenient shake just 30 minutes before your workout!

 Natural Pre-Workout - Mocha Protein Shake

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5. Natural Oats 

The age old debate of cereal vs. oats. When it comes to cereal, the options are endless with some claiming they are “heart healthy” while other put “improved taste” on their label. Oats, however, are a far more reliable option with a better macronutrient profile compared to cereal. Look for natural oats rather than the new instant ones because the natural ones usually come with less added sugar and they aren't processed nearly as much. Oats come packed with complex carbohydrates, which will fuel your pre-workout and give you a constant stream of energy throughout the day. You can even mix your oats with some whey protein powder in the flavor of your choice to create the ultimate pre-workout meal!

Natural Pre-Workout - Natural Oats 


There you have it, five of the best natural pre-workout meals you can eat. With these foods, you’ll not only feel energized and strong in the gym, but you’ll also feel great throughout your day due to the healthy fuel that you’re feeding your body. 

Have any other natural pre-workout ideas? Let us know by commenting them down below and we’ll make sure to give them a try.

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Have a great day, 

Fit Freak
Natural Pre-Workout - Fit Freak

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