Grow Your Legs Fast With This Killer Leg Workout!

January 20, 2017

Grow Your Legs Fast With This Killer Leg Workout!

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Who wants to be the guy who walks into the gym and gets stared at for having the infamous chicken legs? NO ONE.

Very few people choose legs when you ask what their favorite body part to train is, but that doesn't mean they can be skipped altogether. Training legs once to twice a week not only boosts your testosterone and gives you a strong foundation, but it also tests your willpower and grit!

To keep the workout simple, perform 4 sets of a weight which you can handle for 8 reps with effort. If you make it too easy, you're only cheating yourself.

Here is the killer leg workout that has been proven to add mass and strength to your legs in as little as 6 weeks!

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Exercise #1: SQUATS!

Squats are either your favorite movement or your most hated, there is no in between. But the one thing that can't be argued is that squats are without a doubt the greatest leg-building movement you can perform. Squats will massively grow your legs because they trigger the release of human growth hormone and testosterone unlike any other exercise. This puts your body in an anabolic state, therefore helping you burn fat at the same time in which you build muscle. Squats also have a great carryover in athletic performance and can help you to run faster and jump higher. For these reasons, squats are the first exercise in this killer leg workout.

Killer Leg Workout Squat

Exercise #2: LEG EXTENSIONS!

After hitting some tough sets of squats, it's time to isolate those quads and burn them out with some leg extensions. It is very important to create a mind muscle connection while performing this movement because when done correctly, leg extensions make your quads burn like no other movement. Use this time to rest and get mentally focused before moving on to the next movement.

Killer Leg Workout - Leg Extensions

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Exercise #3: LEG PRESS!

It's leg press time! Everyones favorite squat alternative! (except it's not an alternative) The leg press targets all of the muscles in the leg, without making you as burnt out as the squat. An advantage of the leg press is that you can probably add a lot more weight than you could squat. This is good to overload the legs and force them to grow. You won't reap the same anabolic benefits that the squat gives you, but using both movements together will give you some serious mass and strength, and for that reason the leg press is in our killer leg workout!

Killer Leg Workout - Leg Press


When you reach hamstring curls, your legs are probably begging to go home. When performing the 4 sets of this movement you should relax and drink plenty of water. It's okay for you to take your time. Once performing this movement try to use the same mind-muscle connection you did with the leg extensions, except focus solely on the contraction of your hamstrings. This will isolate the hamstring and you'll feel a great burn, which will let you know that you are making them grow! Some gyms will have different variations of this machine, so just go with what you have available.

 Killer Leg Workout - Leg Curl

Exercise #5: SUMO DEADLIFTS!

"If you do sumo dead's you're cheating." How many times have you heard that? The reality is that sumo deadlifts are actually a great compound movement that targets a variety of leg and lower back muscles. In our killer leg workout we decide to put them at the end in order to finish off strong and with an increase in testosterone levels since it is proven to be one of the most anabolic movements out there. The only downside with sumo deadlifts is that the technique can be hard to master and if you let your form go then you can be at risk of serious injury. If you haven't done this before, I advise you to go light and perfectly nail down your technique before putting on weight and going for the big numbers.

Killer Leg Workout - Sumo Deadlift

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Exercise #6: CALF RAISES!

Don't forget calves, no one wants to have big quads and hamstrings and then pure bone on the lower part of the leg. Train your calves by burning them out with a mixture of quick and slow reps. Calves are one of the most used muscles in the human body since we pretty much walk on them all day, so you have to train them very hard if you want to see just a bit of growth. 

Killer Leg Workout - Calf Raises

So there you have it, the killer leg workout that will add massive size to your legs fast! Try to do this workout twice a week, three days between training sessions to get optimal results. 

Remember, don't skip leg day. There is nothing more badass than walking into a gym with tree trunk legs and having people admire you!

Make sure to share this killer leg workout with your friends to help them out as well! The social sharing buttons are in the sidebar.

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Have a great day, 

Fit Freak


Killer Leg Workout


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